Who Am I?

Welcome!  I’m AAmy Bendahanmy Bendahan.

My goal is to inspire and ignite more creative passion in your job and life by giving you loads of value regarding promotional marketing and everything else marketing related.  I’m a multi passionate person and a self proclaimed dork!  I love having fun and laying low, I’m big on balance and bring both the fun and the seriousness to everything I do.  Actually, my motto is ‘take what you are doing seriously but never take yourself too seriously!’

Marketing, design, sales, personal and spiritual growth, fashion, psychology, business strategy, fitness and my family all get my synapses firing!  I bring all of me into everything I do and that includes my job as a promotional marketing consultant and senior account executive.

In my role as a promotional marketing consultant I have fun suggesting the right products to help my clients successfully brand themselves and ultimately get the company and themselves noticed for buying the best swag around! I’m definitely changing the way people view promotional marketing.  I don’t want you giving away trinkets and trash but sought after swag!

I’m known to deliver amazing results! I will help you get loads of compliments on the promo products you’re buying and giving away, I provide simplicity and ease in the purchasing process and a tonne of extra value for example, packaging ideas, brand & logo design, merchandising solutions, innovative presentations, free samples and so much more.  

While I love my job and I have a lot of fun doing it, my favourite role is being a mom to two beautiful but sometimes crazy children and a wife to a fantastic husband who is always pushing me to give more and be more.

With this blog, I am hoping to do just that, give more!  Ultimately, that is my biggest passion. Helping others not only drives me but also provides me with the most fulfilment as I am sure it is the same with a lot of you.  I’ve always valued having others around me who inspire, teach and motivate me daily as well as encourage me to grow and my absolute goal is to inspire you to live that way as well, to be more and give more.

As an aside… and just to be real with you, these blog posts won’t be perfect so please don’t expect any sparkle and shine however I am committing myself to give you as much as I can to help you get inspired and have success with your promotional marketing efforts. Please have fun with it, get as much as you can from the info I provide and please please get in touch and share some of your knowledge and feedback.

I hope to meet you in person one day soon!

Hasta luego (until later)!


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